Creating a company in Dubai

Why create a company in Dubai ?

  • no taxes
  • Access to the Middle East market
  • Excellent transport
  • Dynamic economy
  • Social and political climate are stable
  • Modern infrastructure


A brief guide to Dubai

The city of Dubai has 1.1 million inhabitants and the wider Dubai area has more than 2.5 million, which makes it the most populous city in the United Arab Emirates.
Dubai draws its reputation from the immense construction projects completed there, such as the hotel with the highest star rating in the world: the Burj-Al-Arab, the world's tallest skyscraper. Other large-scale projects have also seen the light of day, such as the real estate developments Palm Islands and The World.
The undertaking of these projects demonstrates the pro-active policy of the city with respect to developing the luxury and business tourism sector. To facilitate the setting up of companies in Dubai and attract investors, a zero tax regime has been put in place.
Dubai, a regional and national hub, holds a strategic position between the Middle East and the West, thanks to its transport infrastructure (port and airport).

Dubai and taxation

Dubai is close to being a fiscal paradise. The taxation system in place is basically one of the most favourable in the world:
  • Companies are not subject to taxes;
  • Capital gains are not taxed;
  • No taxes on income (whether salary or property based);
  • No VAT;
  • No property taxes;
  • No residential property taxes;
  • No social security payments;
  • No taxes on capital or inheritance (e.g. the solidarity tax on wealth in France);
  • No payroll costs.

Find out more about creating a company in Dubai

Download our PDF about creating a company in Dubai. As well as obtaining more information, you will also be able to find out about our prices.

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Creating a company in Dubai

Dubai's very liberal policies, with respect to creating a company, mean the administrative steps involved are easy to accomplish.
FGRD's experience will enable you to save considerable time and money when it comes to creating a company in Dubai and optimising your taxes.
On your behalf, we will undertake the necessary administrative steps involved and set up a bank account, enabling you to begin working.

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