Creating a company in Hong Kong

Why create a company in Hong Kong ?

  • No taxes
  • Access to the Asian market
  • Excellent educational standards
  • Stable economy
  • Liberal Economics
  • Modern infrastructure


A brief guide to Hong Kong

With more than seven million inhabitants, Hong Kong is one of the regions with the highest density of inhabitants per square kilometre in the world. It is also the richest Chinese city per capita.
The 155 years of administrative rule by the United Kingdom has made Hong Kong a unique place in China: it has proved possible to keep its legislation, its political system and its economy in place since its retrocession to China in 1997, something which makes Hong Kong the ideal bridge between the Far East and the West.
Hong Kong is the third most important financial centre in the world, with the companies making it up primarily located in the tertiary sector. Hong Kong has been able to attract numerous foreign companies due to its highly liberal system.
One of the primary aims of Hong Kong's monetary policy is to maintain stability, especially against the dollar; this means the Hong Kong dollar is extremely stable.

A company in Hong Kong : the advantages

  • English legal system
  • Possibility of remotely registering a company
  • Guaranteed anonymity for shareholders and owners thanks to the « nominee » system
  • No duties or taxes for offshore companies
  • Capital minimal 1$

Find out more about creating a company in Hong Kong

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PDFpdf about how to creating a company in Hong Kong

Creating a company in Hong Kong

Hong Kong is an ideal place to create a company; in particular, profits made outside Hong Kong itself are not taxed.
FGRD can offer you the benefit of its skills and experience with respect to creating a company in Hong Kong. Our business relations will enable you to save both time and money.

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