Creating an English company

Why create an English company?

  • A strong economy
  • A stable economy
  • A strong currency
  • Low taxes
  • Excellent educational standards
  • High quality infrastructure


A brief guide to England

England has around 53 million inhabitants, 14 million of them in London.
England is one of the world's main economic powers. Its economy is primarily centred on the tertiary sector. The country has 100 of the 500 largest companies in Europe, which makes London Europe's largest financial marketplace.
The English economy is more liberal than the continental European one, and offers the advantage of a very favourable tax regime.
Its culture, its excellent infrastructure and its high educational standards are the kinds of advantages that are attracting more and more foreign companies to establish themselves in the country.

England and taxation

  • Capital contributions and distributions are non-regulated and not taxed.
  • Quick and simple company creation
  • Can be managed from outside the country
  • Low taxes: around 21% on profits made in England itself and up to 5% on profits made abroad
  • No taxes on bonuses, even for those non-resident in England
  • England has more international tax agreements than any other country.
  • Anonymity guaranteed via the ‘nominee’ or nominee company principle

Find out more about creating a company in England

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PDFpdf about how to create an English company

Creating an English company

Due to England's geographical proximity it is very easy to create an English company.
FGRD provides services to help you create a company in England, enabling you to save both time and money. Our tax optimisation specialists are here to help you reduce your tax bill as much as possible.

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