Swiss branch of a foreign corporation

Establishing a branch in Switzerland

This solution is suitable for all persons who are not residents in Switzerland and who already have an offshore structure (BVI or English LTD) and who wish to erase the parent company’s “fiscal paradise” impact from their commercial activity.

What is a branch?

The branch exists when it enjoys certain freedom and legal independence, while being dependent on the main establishment.

Conditions for the establishment of a branch

The branch must have its own management and authorized representatives to enter into business independent from its headquarters.

The branch of a foreign company in Switzerland shall be subject to the provisions of Swiss laws (civil laws, contract laws, private international laws, and corporate laws). From a registration, taxation, and accounting point of view, it is regarded as a Swiss company, and therefore must go through a judicious choice in legal status, according to the desired activity in Switzerland and its purpose..

Advantages of having a branch in Switzerland:

An offshore company becomes a corporation under Swiss law under the legal status of a foreign company branch. In general, the public limited company (Plc) status is chosen.

  • No deposit of capital.
  • No problems billing Companies and Individuals in the EU and in the USA. (Switzerland is NOT regarded as an offshore jurisdiction by OECD countries).
  • The customer’s anonymity is completely maintained, with the parent company using a shell company as the principal shareholder and director nominee.
  • The possibility of billing between the branch in Switzerland and the parent company (offshore company).
  • No withholding tax on dividend distributions.


FGRD implements this structure and accompanies you throughout the entire duration of your company’s existence.