Trading or Domicile company


  • Derived from a Plc or Ltd.
  • Between 9% and 13% tax on profits
  • Ideal for companies with their administration in Switzerland and business abroad


What is a trading or domicile company?

A service company is not a legal status, but a tax status. This status may also be claimed by a public limited company (Plc) or a limited liability company (Ltd). 

Therefore service and trading companies are capital companies (Plc or Ltd).

Conditions for obtaining the status of a domicile company

Having mainly administrative activity in Switzerland and commercial activity essentially conducted abroad. Only a part of the foreign-source income is taxed.

Taxation of Domicile Companies

The tax on profits is between 9% and 13% depending on the canton.


Our profound experience with these statutes, and Geneva Cantonal practices, as well as their integration in an international setting allows us to put them in place in a manner appropriate for our customers, thereby providing robust, reliable, and efficient tax planning. We take charge of not only advising, but also implementing and establishing the company and status negotiations, up through tax declaration and the representation and domiciliation of the company.

FGRD is at your side throughout the entire duration of your company’s existence.